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So, this journal has been revamped, as you can tell. I'm going through my old writing and editing the stuff I want to keep. After long deliberation, a talk with a couple friends, and a good long cooling off period, I have decided to keep Jareth's time in TN as canon information, and may eventually re-app him at TN. It really depends on how things go. My new resolution is to log out of Livejournal when I get that pissed and go play World of Warcraft until I calm down, no matter how long it takes. Or Final Fantasy XIV! September 22nd people! I'm so excited. Blizzard makes okay games, but no one does a good game like Square Enix. If you haven't heard the FFXI soundtrack, shame on you! It is AMAZING.

Okay, back on track.

What does this revamp mean? It means all the old journal entries have been hidden, but they have not been deleted. I will go through and edit the writing I want to save, and the rest will stay hidden. None of Jareth's background has changed. It has been several years since Sarah left the Labyrinth, Toby is six years old, and he may or may not make cameo appearances in this journal.

This journal is still only based on the movie, and not the manga. I do occasionally take ideas for how Jareth speaks and a tidbit here and there for plot ideas, but the manga-verse is not part of his canon.
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